Inspire Thinkers
Inspiring the next generation of leaders to think outside the box
Welcome to GenSpire's Inspire Thinkers Initiative
Sowing a seed of joy and passion for learning in every child
Inquiry-Based Learning
Curiosity and inquisitiveness are two foundational principles of education. GenSpire's programs within the Inspire Thinkers initiative aims to utilize the inquiry-based learning to embed concepts and a love for learning in every child
Interactive Activities
Interest stems from interaction and with that concept in mind, GenSpire strives to promote numerous engaging activities that help children move towards a more dynamic learning experience.
Inspiring Opportunities
Valuable opportunities and experiences that children gain play a pivotal role in their future. At GenSpire, we promote unique opportunities for every child to inspire and empower these children and equips them with experiences of a lifetime
Inspired Students
Communities Helped
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Why Inspire Thinkers?
Joy is a powerful tool for solving childhood challenges and promoting brain health. Yet in our culture of doing, teaching and treating, it is too often forgotten that the method for children to embrace learning is in fact for them to find joy in it. Joy boosts learning and encourages children to try new things because being in a calm state enables the most optimal “neural platform," the state of mind in which a person can most effectively take in information. This in turn prompts children to step out of their comfort zone and open themselves to novel experiences. That is why we have created the Inspire Thinkers initiative: to help every child find joy in their learning and strive to think outside of the box.

Make Your Child an Inspired Thinker Today!
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Sign up!
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intensive crash course hosted by one of our partners on our range of concepts and learner skills!
Choose your Passion Project!
After the camp, each student will be a part of a Passion Project group within a Logic Building & Creative Development camp hosted by one of our partners. Within this group, they will work together to learn and empower one another as they develop solutions for a passionate cause!
Participate in Local & National Opportunities!
Throughout this endeavor, GenSpire will provide opportunities for you to showcase your work and projects. We hope that you will continue to pursue learning with joy, passion and thinking outside the box!
Hear From Our Participants!
"My favorite parts of this workshop were the activities that we did to help us create a problem statement [and] a solution"
Impact-based Innovation Workshop
"You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards."
Writing Contest Opportunity
"If it turns out pretty good, then you should go do something else wonderful."
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Logic & Creative Development Session
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Zoom & Google Meets
Virtual Platform
We have currently shifted online due to the pandemic, but based on our volunteer base and locations, we will consider shifting to an in-person interactive model.

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