About GenSpire
A dynamic approach to bridging connections across the world for all generations
GenSpire, with its three major initiatives, strives to inspire and promote a passion for connectedness and curiosity across generations in our community and beyond. At GenSpire, we believe in a world that provides equal and enticing experiences to spark a passion for learning amongst every individual. Hence, we have created our platform and work with our initiatives which revolve around those values.

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Our Three Major Initiatives

Inspire Thinkers aims to connect with urban & suburban schools and inspire children to develop a passion for knowledge, learning and education. We will do this by promoting reading, writing, self expression, STEM, and also provide inquiry based learning in order to foster a spark of passion & joy for education.
Inspire Thinkers

The SmartSeniors initiative connects senior citizens from across the world and help them acclimate to the ever-changing world. Additionally, amidst the pandemic many senior citizens have been detached from many of their previous social endeavors. To bridge that gap, we utilize these connections between seniors across the world to instigate conversation over virtual platforms so that they can continue to form social connections even within these hard times.

GenSpire integrates its aim for learning and inspiration and combines it with the current inequalities across the globe. Through the EquiLearn initiative, GenSpire will engage its worldwide connections to provide education opportunities for rural communities as well as increase access and knowledge around technology and STEAM to empower women in the currently male-dominated field. Through this, we strive to promote equality within learning and opportunities for students and women in order to catalyze change.

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We have currently shifted online due to the pandemic, but based on our volunteer base and locations, we will consider shifting to an in-person interactive model.

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